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Private investigators in the United States are licensed or registered by the professional licensing authority or State Police of the state they are located in. Licencing varies from state to state, it can range from just applying for a city business licence in one state such as Idaho, Mississippi or South Dakota, all three of which have no state or local licencing requirements; to needing several years of experience and licencing related training classes and testing in another state, such as Virginia which has one of the highest standards among the states. In general companies offering investigation services must hold an agency licence and all their investigators or detectives must hold individual licences or registrations. There are a few reciprocity agreements that allow a detective working in one state to continue his work in another for a limited time without getting a separate licence, not all states participate in these agreements.


PIs also engage in a large variety of work that is not usually associated with the industry in the mind of the public. For example, many PIs are involved in process serving, the personal delivery of summons, subpoenas and other legal documents to parties in a legal case. The tracing of absconding debtors can also form a large part of a PI's work load. Many agencies specialize in a particular field of expertise. For example, some PI agencies deal only in tracing. There are a handful of firms that specialize in technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM), sometimes called electronic counter measures (ECM), which is the locating and dealing with unwanted forms of electronic surveillance (for example, a bugged boardroom for industrial espionage purposes). This type of niche service is typically conducted by those with backgrounds in intelligence/counterintelligence, executive protection, and a small number from law enforcement entities whose duties included the covert installation of eavesdropping devices as a tool in organized crime, terrorism and narco-trafficking investigations. The best known of these firms in the U.S. include Granite Island Group, Confidential Research & Investigations LLC, Murray & Associates,SLC Security Services LLC and TSCM/Special Operations Group Inc. Other PIs, also known as Corporate Investigators, specialize in corporate matters, including anti-fraud work, loss prevention, internal investigations of employee misconduct (such as EEO violations and sexual harassment), the protection of intellectual property and trade secrets, anti-piracy, copyright infringement investigations, due diligenceinvestigations, malware and cyber criminal activity and computer forensics work. Some PIs act as professional witnesses where they observe situations with a view to reporting the actions or lack of them to a court or to gather evidence in anti-social behavior.